Sunday, March 19, 2017


It always boggles my mind when people just don't have the common curiosity of not taking advantage of people. If you are being allowed to live someplace rent free, get fed, and have your laundry done (not be my of course) why would you go out of your way to destroy everything in the place you are staying? Whether intentionally or not!

I only have so many places I can store stuff the house we are living, I can't be placing everything on my desk or someplace in my room. It is already driving my girlfriend crazy if I have to start keep my yard tools in the room to she will get mad at me not her son and it kids. No instead my kids get blamed or I blow up at people.

Hell today's issues was just stupid yard gloves! Yard gloves that I just bought and hadn't had a chance to wear yet. Gloves that there is only one of, that were placed in a specific place in the garage, still in the packaging. This was done in the hopes that I would at least be able to use them once.

Its all getting old, I have tried to make myself understood by to my girlfriend! She either doesn't get it or is in denial cause there is nothing she can do other than to kick her kid and grand kids out. She doesn't want to do that, however, I am at the point where its that or I leave. But I won't make her choose, if something doesn't happen in the next few months) if I make that far, I will have to make a choice. She will not like my decision.

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