Monday, August 6, 2018

When the Night Off Turns into an All Nighter

So last night I was supposed to be kidless, the girls were supposed to be with their mother who was housesitting for her brother. I was looking forward to being able to get some sleep as I had a long day of work due. Well about 8:30 get a text from the Ex that my middle daughter wasn't feeling well, the she thought she had a fever. She didn't have a thermometer but said she felt hot. See when my kids are really sick they all come to daddy and I knew that if she wanted to come home that she would so I asked. She of course did, I offered to get her but her boyfriend was there and was able to bring her.
Well when she got here, she had a temp of 102.8! well after a shower and some Ibuprofen and about 3 hours later we are off to the ER with 103.2. That was 11:45 PM. Ih you might be asking why go to the hospital so quickly? Well she has a compromised immune system so at 103 it becomes an issue if something is out of control. 

Well some lab work, an IV, some Tylenol and 4 hours later we are on our way home. Lab work didn't show anything serious, they think its just something viral. Which I was happy for......But remember that long day I was supposed to have? Well I still had to work and getting to bed at 4:15 and having to get up at 7:45 AM to be in some town 45 minutes away to work 8 hours really sucked. And yes I had to make, I was training someone that had I not worked she wouldn't have worked and I was meeting an Owner to do some training that was scheduled and would be hard to reschedule. 

At the end of the day I was just happy to make it home without falling asleep at the wheel. My baby is still sick, I still have to worry about her but I am hoping to get some sleep tonight!