Friday, July 20, 2018

When the Simplest Things Becomes to Overly Complicated

I have been trying to work on a home project tying in the families calendars. The key piece that I need is a cheap 10 inch tablet. Yeah I know tablets are a dime a dozen, but I don't need any bells and whistles. But the whole thing has gotten complicated and seemingly impossible to complete.

Anyway I was trying to use this online shopping site (also know as I have tried to order a inexpensive tablet 3 times with this site. Each time something has gone wrong, first and third try was delivered to the wrong address in a different state, the second one "was delayed" and I was given a fidget spinner instead. What gets me is that for anything else that I have ordered has come with no problem, but I order something for a specific reason I can't get it.

Maybe it's a sign that I should give up the project, maybe I am going about it the wrong way, maybe its just I am cursed. Either way I am totally pissed that this company does this and there is little else I can do.

I will find a way to complete this project, I will find the technology that I need. But damn does it have to be so complicated?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Quincy Pondexter Basketball Camp

Dakota attend the Quincy Pondexter Basketball Camp this week. It was a great experience and a well run event. We are looking forward to next year.

Dakota Put in some work, she got a few compliments, she had a few blood sugar lows, but she fought through them. She learned a few new things, she meet one of her favorite Youtube people Austin McBoom and meet some NBA player, College and NBA coaches. It was an all around great experiance.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A New Chapter

So tonight my middle baby Sierra graduted High School, she has seen her struggles over the last few years but she handled all like the a boss. She worked so hard, she caught up on courses she was behind in going into this year and tonight she moves into the next Chapter of her life.

The only thing that I wish was differnt with tonight was that my Sister was around to see it. She would have been so proud, she would have cried, she would have been the loudest voice in the theatre. But I know Joann was there in spirit, she wouldn’t have miss this.

Now Sierra moves on to college and only time will tell what sort of impact she will have on this world. The next thing for me is my baby girl that is moving onto 8th grade. My girls are growing up....they need to stop :)

Monday, June 4, 2018


Sometimes I envy Jugglers, they can sit there and juggle all these things and make it seem effortless. In real life juggling many things at once is never effortless, it may seem that way at times but it always has its repercussions.

As a Juggler if you mess up and drop whatever it is that you are juggling you can just pick them up and start over. Worst thing that happens is your audience laughs at you (ok if you are juggling chainsaws maybe there is a repercussion, but most of the time your safe). In real life you can lose so much.....your job, your life, someone else's life or you sanity. Ok, in my case I don't really have my sanity so that may not apply to me.

I am one of those people that people look upon and say hey how do you do that. Many times its because I have to, other times its because I go until I can't go anymore, other times I have not idea. Yes there are times when I life juggler doesn't even know how they do it, or much less that they are. The later is the rub, when you do it so much you don't realize how many things you have going. Usually you don't realize you might have more than you should zooming around until it is about to or when it does collapse. Than when you realize it there isn't anything that you can do about it because if you do to many things or even people could be affected.

Hmmm...when I started this post I thought I was going to make this big philosophical post, it has turned into more if a self pity rant.........guess that you focus is something else that goes when you are juggling to many things.

Anyway if you are going to be a juggler don't be a life juggler, go juggle some balls or bowling pins.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


When you are a little kid you are told that dream, that your dreams can come true. And while I can't say that the is a total lie, they don't tell you that most of your dreams will whither away into nothing or haunt you everyday.

There are man dreams that I know I have had that have just went along the way side, many of these are because there were nothing I could do or had the skills to do. Such as being a professional baseball player. While I was good at it, I just wasn't good enough. Well that could be said for many things in life, really never stopped me from trying though.

Then there are the dream that no matter what you do you can't shake them. Whether they be loves you are lost and so desperately wish that you hadn't or the dreams that you thought you could have fulfilled if only you had made a different choice. Hmm, guess that these could be one in the same sometimes. There are many unfulfilled dreams of mine where I look back and say WTF, why didn't you say or do this, why weren't you just a little more patient.

While I have always said that I don't really regret anything in my life there are things that I think I could have done differently. Would they have changed the outcome? That is a good question, one that I will never know the answer to, one that only fate will ever know. I suppose if I knew that the answer than I would have regrets; probably best I don't know.

Sometimes your dreams are for the one's you love. Those are the hardest dreams to make come true and the ones that can hurt the most. Even worst when a nightmare you had about someone you love comes true. These are the hardest dreams/nightmares to get over and to forget. You always want better the one's you love, and when you can help them achieve that it makes the hurt even harder to accept.

Dreams are the things that keep us going sometimes, I would never say don't dream. Just wish someone would have told me that dreams can hurt sometimes, and sometimes long after the dream has passed.