Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A New Chapter, Some Freedom

Well today marks the day that my youngest daughter Dakota started on an insulin pump, we have been on it for about 10 hour as of right now. Yes I said we, when your child is a Type 1 Diabetic the whole family has it. The care she needs at times can be 24/7, at least pre-pump. It is my hope that she will have a little more freedom, she is 12 after all and having everyone all up in her face about things is hard on her. Even with as well meaning as it is.

While I am concerned with the change, concerned with the change in routine, the compilations that can go with this change. In the end if it works for her it will be better for all, no anything close to cure, but certainly could lead to a better quality of life.

So here is to a new chapter!!!