Friday, September 7, 2018

Just Not Feeling It

So the past few weeks, well maybe months I just not feeling the work thing. It not like my job is hard, well shouldn’t be hard. There are times where others make it harder than it has to be, and some of the people I deal with are just difficult to deal with. But overall this job is not complicated, I am just not feeling it.

So those that might say “why don’t you find another job”, to them I say I have been trying. I haver looked, had a couple offers that didn’t work for family reasons, others that just never came to together. But I am looking, maybe at time passively, but I am looking.

What gets me is that it is not like I am not apprecated at least by my superiors, or most of my co-waorkers. So I should not really be feeling the way I do. What way is that you you ask? THe feeling that the job I do is thankless, that people that I have to deal with don’t really want me around or care for what I have to say...even when they know that I am giving them sound advise, its just that it is coming from someone else.

Hopefully this will pass soon, I am getting tired of the whole thing and afraid that at one point I am going to say fuck it and just leave.